Victoria Leung 梁凱祈





梁氏已獲彭氏音樂治療中心音樂治療專業證書 (特殊需要兒童),並接受有關ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis)之技巧訓練。梁氏相信每個小孩子都是獨特的,透過結合ABA和音樂訓練,能使兒童在愉快的環境中學習,提高他們的學習動機,亦能在學習其中得到滿足感和成功感。

Miss Victoria Leung is graduated from the University of Hong Kong, majoring in Psychology and Counseling. 

After her graduation, she has respectively worked at two special schools (schools for children with moderate intellectual disability) as a Teaching Assistant, a Piano Teacher and a School Assistant.  In one of the schools, she taught students piano and music lessons individually as well as in groups, and also assisted other teachers throughout their lessons. In the other school, she assisted teachers to use robots in the lessons. Through these experience, she has gained a deep understanding of the growth and needs of those children who require special needs. In the meantime, she has learned how to build up a good relationship with these children. 


She has, in addition, obtained the Professional Certificate in Music Therapy (Children with special needs) from Pang’s Music Therapy Centre and received training in ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis). She strongly believes that every child is unique and that children will enjoy their learning much more in a pleasant environment by integrating ABA and music training, which not only enhance their learning motivation but also their satisfaction and success in learning.

Victoria Leung


  • 香港大學 - 社會科學(榮譽)學士 (主修心理學及輔導學)

  • 彭氏音樂治療中心 - 音樂治療專業證書 (特殊需要兒童)



  • 禮賢會恩慈學校 - 教學助理暨鋼琴教師

  • 東華三院群芳啟智學校 - 學校教學助理



  • 英國皇家音樂學院八級鋼琴



  • Bachelor of Social Sciences (major in Psychology Counseling) - The University of Hong Kong

  • Professional Certificate in Music Therapy (Children with Special Needs) - Pang’s Music Therapy Centre


Work Experience:

  • Teaching Assistant and Piano Teacher in Rhenish Church Grace School 

  • School Teaching Assistant in TWGHs Kwan Fong Kai Chi School


Other Related Information:

  • ABRSM Grade 8 Piano Certificate