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Kelly Leung 梁斯琦


註冊行為技術員 (RBT)


梁氏自2020年加入Vienna Hacademy,同年亦考獲註冊行為技術員(RBT)的專業資格。她希望小朋友能在課堂中透過音樂愉快學習,並且藉着不同的活動,學習與人建立關係的技巧,亦會在不同活動中觀察小朋友的強弱項,發掘其潛能,訓練其弱項,從而增強他們的自信心及提升各方面的能力,快樂地成長。

Miss Kelly Leung, graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Education (Honours) from The Education University of Hong Kong. She has been teaching piano and violin for 4 years. Having a keen interest in music therapy since studying in secondary school, especially for those children with special educational needs, she decided to work in the special education field with her expertise.


She joined Vienna Hacademy in 2020, and has become the Registered Behavior Technician (RBT). She has visions of helping children with special educational needs to achieve their fullest potential, to let them feel empowered and to foster growth through musical expression and creativity.

Kelly Leung


  • 註冊行為技術員 (RBT)


  • 香港教育大學 - 音樂榮譽學士


  • 聖三一音樂學院演奏級小提琴

  • 英國皇家音樂學院八級樂理

  • 英國皇家音樂學院七級鋼琴

  • 結他



  • Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) - BACB


  • Bachelor of Music in Education (Honours) - (Contemporary Music and Performance Pedagogy) Programme in The Education University of Hong Kong

Other  MusicRelated Information: 

  • Trinity College London Associateship (ATCL) - Violin

  • ABRSM Grade 8 Theory Certificate

  • ABRSM Grade 7 Piano Certificate

  • Guitar

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