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Charlotte Shek 石琛漁



石氏自2021年加入Vienna Hacademy。她深信音樂能對小朋友成長的各方面帶來正面影響。藉着用音樂和節奏包圍學習環境,帶來自然,而愉快輕鬆的氣氛,從而令學習變得有趣味性,加上互動遊戲和唱歌活動去加強小朋友對社交的警覺性和好奇心。她認為用音樂配合應用行為分析(ABA)的針對性訓練能達到相輔相成的效果。

Miss Charlotte Shek graduated from the University of Bristol in 2019 with a degree in Psychology. Her passion with music has developed since an early age when she was introduced to musical instruments and theories. She has devoted herself to teaching in the SEN field since 2020, and has been providing behavioural therapy to children with special learning needs by means of the Applied Behaviour Analysis approach.


Miss Shek joined Vienna Hacademy in 2021.  She strongly believes that music can bring unimaginable positive impacts on different aspects in a child’s development.  She therefore endeavours to create a natural, yet joyful and relaxed atmosphere by encircling the learning environment with music and rhythm, which helps to make learning full of fun. In addition, interactive games and singing activities are also adopted in order to enhance children’s social awareness and curiosity. She also believes that these benefits will be substantiated when music is combined together with the pin-pointing training of Applied Behaviour Analysis.

Charlotte Shek


  • 英國布理斯托大學 - 心理學學士



  • Autism Partnership HK 行為治療師



  • 英國皇家音樂學院五級鋼琴

  • 英國皇家音樂學院五級樂理


  • University of Bristol – Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Honours) 


Working Experience: 

  • Behavioural therapist in Autism Partnership HK


Other Related Information: 

  • ABRSM Grade 5 Piano

  • ABRSM Grade 5 Theory

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