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Children Piano Lesson


  • 適合2.5歲至6歲幼童


  • 提供一個愉快的學習環境,藉著不同的音樂活動培養孩子對音樂的興趣、提升小朋友的節奏感、耳朵的靈敏度、圖像思考能力、記憶力、創作能力、強化手指小肌及左右手協調能力,從而讓他們更有自信心和滿足感,為未來進一步學習鋼琴及其他樂器,打好穩固基礎

  • 粵語或英語個別訓練

  • ​45分鐘 - 60分鐘一堂 (彈琴時間大約25至35分鐘)​


  • 讀譜訓練

  • 節奏訓練

  • 手眼協調

  • 聽音訓練


Target Service Group

  • Children age from 2.5 to 6 years old 

Training Method

  • Enable students learning music in a fun and encouraging atmosphere, develop better rhythmic sense, sensitive ears, improve the spatial-temporal reasoning, memory skills, fine-motor skills, creative ability, building a solid foundation of piano and other instruments learning in the future. 

  • Individual training in Cantonese or English

  • ​30 mins to 45 mins a session

Scope of Service

  • Score-reading training

  • Steady pulse and sense of rhythm

  • Motor co-ordination training

  • Listening training

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